As 2D animation is getting better, you can feel confused with its different types and styles. Whether you want to 2D animation Expert or searching for a 2D animation company for your business needs, this blog will help you to choose the best style for your goals and objectives. These styles may seem limited but they offer endless possibilities. Currently, this technology is widely used in producing marketing videos. In this post, I will differentiate among different 2D animation types so you can choose the most appropriate for your next project.

Basics of 2D Animation

In 2D animation, the video creator uses two dimensions which means the objects are flat. They only have width and height parameters whereas the objects made in 3D form are created in three dimensions. The 3D objects are more life like as compared to 2D objects. Marketing video creators use both type of animations in their productions. If the goal is to showcase the object in its real form, then the creator will opt for 3D animation. However, 2D animations have infinite uses and 2D animation companies are using this technique for making demos, explainers, eLearning content, promotional videos, etc. There are more than 30 different types of 2D animation and their uses, some which are given below:

Whiteboard Videos

This type was first time used in 2009 and still being used in producing marketing videos. In reality, this style is really easy to make. You can use it to explain a specific concept by drawing simple objects on the whiteboard and a voiceover describe the whole process. As the process suggests, these videos are perfect for eLearning content and explainers. The aim here is to explain the concept to the audience in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is a type of animation that enables 2D animation company to animate written text. The creator gets an opportunity to convey the marketing message by using text rotation, sizes, shapes and fonts. This type of animation has numerous practical uses such as giving a preview or introducing the next piece of content. The creators use this style for breaking news and reaching out to potential customers with bold promotional videos with short marketing messages.

Shape Animation

In this type of 2D animation, video producers transform geometric shapes into different ones by changing their angular rotations, sizes, shapes, colors and positions. They are very similar in nature to frame-by-frame 2D animations. One major difference is that while creating shape animations, the creator has to specify the initial and the last position of the object. This type of animation is used to animate company logos and to add creativity in intro or conclusion of a branded video.

Frame-by-Frame Animation

Frame-by-frame animation is also known as stop-motion animation and one of the oldest types in practice. It is mostly a cartoon style video in which an object is animated by changing the frames. In this type, 2D animation company creates several images of a moving object and then overlaps these images to give an impression of movement. Frame-by-frame animation is very challenging and costly to make as numerous frames are required to create a slight motion in the object. However, this style gives a unique edge to the marketing videos and good option for short promotional ads.

Infographic Videos

As the name implies, this type of animation is used to create engaging videos by sharing numbers, statistics, facts or any other visual aids. This type of video is good option to educate audience and provide them fresh insights about the product or concept. 2D animation companies use infographic videos to list achievements of a business. Bloggers can incorporate this style to capture attention of the reader.

Regardless of the type of animation, 2D animation videos are really engaging. When choosing the best 2D animation company, you need to keep in mind your business needs, affordability and creative potential.

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